“New beginnings are painful endings”

Its time to end all sufferings that have become a permanent resident of my heart. Its time to say goodbye to those butterflies in my stomach that never stop fluttering. Its time to finish everything. I am saying Goodbye to all memories  that aren't worth keeping. I bid a farewell to those unanswered questions that now... Continue Reading →

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Before we go

Two strangers,Nick Vaughan, a musician and Brooke Dalton, a young wife happen to meet at the Grand Central in New York and they end up spending an unexpected night together. The movie revolves around their unexpected life changing, adventurous encounter that forces them to take control over their lives and stop running. There are moments... Continue Reading →

12 November 2017

It was him. He sat there thinking deeply about something. I sat beside him, he didn't say a word. He was lost in his thoughts. I saw him and raising my eyebrows, I asked him, "what's wrong?" and he said,"it's nothing." I saw hidden tears. The ones he was trying to resist. Something was killing... Continue Reading →

The empty classroom

This is it. I find myself here. I look at the door. I see people outside in the lawns. I watch them giggle, laugh, talk They pass time while others are friends forever I am here in this empty classroom which is not so empty. This is me, wanting to be alone and not wanting... Continue Reading →

12 September 2017

This is me, a girl who has learnt to live life to its fullest. This chapter of my life is called happiness. It took time, it took courage but my heart is no longer broken. I put it back together, piece by piece. I started writing to vent out all feelings, I had inside me.... Continue Reading →

8 September 2017

I have been thinking about something that caught my mind a few months back. People amaze me. I see them smiling even when they are going through the roughest times in their lives. They bear pain that no one knows about. It's strange that people win battles we know nothing about. I feel they are... Continue Reading →

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