6 September 2017

Dear society,

Please tell her to let go, tell her to stop, tell her, she is just another girl seeking attention. You can accuse her of faking her anxiety. Tell her she isn’t sad. After all, everything was her fault.

Convince her, that it’s okay that someone ruined her life because everyone in this generation takes relationships casually. Yes, laugh at her and gossip about it.

You can go on and tell her that it’s better to forget what happened because it happened long back.

Perhaps there can be a difference in what people think she is and who she actually is. This is sad.

Also, It makes me more sad when I see monsters around me. As I write this, I feel terrible to think a priest in the temple can actually inappropriately touch little girls. Girls who don’t even realise what a bad touch is.

It is heartbreaking to see how this world has become such an evil place. Somethings are seen clearly and are still hidden.

A girl madly in love with a boy is just another girl for him. How can a boy play with her feelings so causally and break her. I see how some boys use girls for satisfying their own sexual desires. I see boys cheating and thinking it’s alright to do so.

Maybe she never said, ‘STOP’ or maybe she did and you couldn’t understand. You caused an overwhelming breakdown that shattered her. Maybe when boys take things casually, they end up destroying lives.

It is the love that suffers. Because trust is gone and hope is no where.

You know, the day you lost her, she lost herself too.

I feel suffocated in this world where alcoholism, marital rapes ,child abuse, sexual abuse, casual relationships and cheating, inappropriate touching and staring are considered okay. Because everyone goes through one or more of them in their lives.

They are considered okay because the society tells us to stay quiet and not seek attention. These things happen because the society thinks it’s alright and it’s better to let go.

And you know the most heartbreaking thing is, it’s us who make the society.

It’s a shame that we are a part of it. A society that doesn’t allow us to express.

Girls are judged for everything, no matter how boys treat them.

A society that teaches us, to close our eyes and think everything is hunky dory when everything is actually not hidden.

Because it is the girl who is responsible to protect herself from the monsters disguised in the form of human beings!

The society has crossed every line possible. Stop telling people to get over it because it was never okay and it will never be okay.

Feeling disgusted,

Clouds in my coffee


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