The world is an uncanny place. A place where people are uncertain. They preach things, they never practice themselves. It's so easy to laugh at others. But it's difficult to tolerate the same. Sometimes people closest to us have no idea about what we are feeling and surprisingly,strangers understand us so well. There is so... Continue Reading →


Being judged unfairly !

We are all different  but still the same. We live in the same world but have our own different worlds.We all experience different life circumstances and are expected to give the same exam. No matter how different our capabilities are, we are judged on a uniform rating method-marks. Though marks can not define our abilities,our... Continue Reading →

Be yourself, the world will adjust!

How does being unwanted feel? I felt like those weeds in the flower bed. Those weeds are unwanted, useless and worthless. They are removed because they are not desirable.I felt the same,Like I didn't belong here. Therefore, I decided to be a loner by choice. But I realised neither it's about acceptance nor about rejection. It's... Continue Reading →

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