8 September 2017

I have been thinking about something that caught my mind a few months back. People amaze me. I see them smiling even when they are going through the roughest times in their lives. They bear pain that no one knows about. It's strange that people win battles we know nothing about. I feel they are... Continue Reading →


6 September 2017

Dear society, Please tell her to let go, tell her to stop, tell her, she is just another girl seeking attention. You can accuse her of faking her anxiety. Tell her she isn't sad. After all, everything was her fault. Convince her, that it's okay that someone ruined her life because everyone in this generation... Continue Reading →

21 August 2017

There are days when you feel absolutely nothing. You don't have a reason or maybe you do have but you fail to get out of this annoying state. So, I'm writing while traveling in a metro. I still have 55 minutes more to think about what's going wrong. Travelling everyday is exhausting for people but... Continue Reading →

10 August 2017

Today, my teacher gave us a set of questions. Questions on life, loss, forgiveness,acceptance. In one of the questions, she asked about our self limiting beliefs and how would our life be better if we banished such beliefs. Everyone had a different opinion. For me self limiting beliefs are mostly irrational. They stop us from... Continue Reading →

4 August 2017

Somedays are Better than other days. They are beautiful. Today was one of those days! So, it's me Someone who prefers falling in love with fictional characters in books than someone in real. Though I know what the real world is, I have some how managed to build my own fantasy. I find joy in... Continue Reading →

Hi This segment on my blog is special. It will now be a routine to write one blog post everyday. ( I'll try) After all we all have stories to tell. We all experience extraordinary things in our ordinary lives. We learn and we enjoy. We struggle too. Do come back to read my experience... Continue Reading →


How does it feel to simply lie in bed with a complete sense of emptiness flooding through your body and letting it control you? When slowly you stop loving yourself. Depression feels like drowning and forgetting everything you once loved. It makes you revisit your painful past and hurts you. But you pretend to be... Continue Reading →

Self worth

I remember as a kid how I associated my self-worth with the remarks my teachers gave me. I was made to believe that I was an an average looking student in school and that I was dull. I was neither popular nor a part of any peer group. It mattered to me. We all love... Continue Reading →

Hindi: Our pride 

Isn't it strange?  We live in a society where English is given more importance than our own national language! Hindi not only defines our Culture but also tells us about people, literature and history of India. It's sad to see how English decides our place in the society. English speaking people in India are touted... Continue Reading →

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