How does it feel to simply lie in bed with a complete sense of emptiness flooding through your body and letting it control you? When slowly you stop loving yourself. Depression feels like drowning and forgetting everything you once loved. It makes you revisit your painful past and hurts you. But you pretend to be... Continue Reading →


Self worth

I remember as a kid how I associated my self-worth with the remarks my teachers gave me. I was made to believe that I was an an average looking student in school and that I was dull. I was neither popular nor a part of any peer group. It mattered to me. We all love... Continue Reading →

Hindi: Our pride 

Isn't it strange?  We live in a society where English is given more importance than our own national language! Hindi not only defines our Culture but also tells us about people, literature and history of India. It's sad to see how English decides our place in the society. English speaking people in India are touted... Continue Reading →

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