This is a must watch for every girl out there. It's a story of an ordinary 24 year old girl,Rani Mehra from Rajouri Garden, Delhi. She falls in love with Vijay. She does everything to keep him happy and obeys him.But Vijay calls off their wedding right two days before the wedding day because he... Continue Reading →


Lost in thoughts

She sits beside the window and revisits her past. She thinks of moments and scenarios. She smiles and then She cries.She recalls conversations and promises. Despite of everything she doesn't give up and even if it takes her a forever to let go, she won't stop trying.She feels like a warrior and she knows she... Continue Reading →

My own place

Emptiness weighs the most. I wish to share my emptiness perhaps this place would listen to what I have to express. This weight is too heavy to carry. I should probably leave it here and go. I would sit here for hours, I would talk, would share my secrets,my stories and sorrows or would gather... Continue Reading →


What can I say about reflections that has not been said. For me they are good companions. Picture credits : Supriya Chaudhary 

Save yourself…

From being an option,a second choice and a taken for granted girl in someone's life to being an independent, strong and free girl. My life has changed. This journey from being an insecure anxious girl to now a bold, confident human has made me believe in miracles.  So, if the man you shared your heart... Continue Reading →

10 Lessons we learn while growing up

1.Past is GONE. You can’t change the past. You grow stronger and that matters, so have no regrets. Lessons are learnt from experience,and you were given this life because you are strong enough to live it.   2. Not all people are meant to stay- Everyone has a role to play. Detachment is the key! Life... Continue Reading →

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