This is a must watch for every girl out there. It’s a story of an ordinary 24 year old girl,Rani Mehra from Rajouri Garden, Delhi. She falls in love with Vijay. She does everything to keep him happy and obeys him.But Vijay calls off their wedding right two days before the wedding day because he thinks Rani is no longer ‘his type’ of girl.

Rani is heartbroken and shattered. Here is when, Rani decides to go on her honeymoon alone.Her journey of rediscovering her own identity begins.She travels around Europe. She meets new people and enjoys her new found independence.
She lives a life where she is ‘allowed’ to do whatever she wants to do. (including burping)


She experiences the most amazing time of her life. She gathers courage to live life on her own terms. She understands life with a new perspective. She meets people and makes real friends. She lets go of her inhibitions and sets her spirit free.


Mean while, Vijay regrets his decision of leaving her and wants her back. But it’s too late. Rani thanks him in the end as she found herself after he left her.

Jo Choti Si Har Ek Nahar
Sagar Ban Bhi Jaaye
Koi Tinka Leke Haath Mein
Dhoond Hi Lenge Hum


Khud Hi Toh Hai Hum

This song is sums up her liberation in the end. She finds her own way. This song will always be a source of motivation. It’s so meaningful and wonderfully sung by Amit Trivadi.
Queen teaches us the biggest lessons of our life. The story is so realistic that we relate to Rani’s character in many ways-
1. Your self respect is EVERYTHING.
2.It’s important to get out of the protected environment. Life is indeed not a fairy tale.
3. You don’t have to look the way society wants you to look.
4. Make your own identity.
5. Believe in yourself,that’s everything you need to stay happy. Never give the key of your own happiness to others.
6. There is no pain we can’t overcome, all we need is the will to overcome our pain and rise above all obstacles.
7. Pat yourself and be proud of everything you could overcome when you thought of giving up.
Kangana and Rajkumar Rao did a fantastic job. The movie is full of humor and keeps us engaged. With a soulful music and fabulous cinematography, the movie wins our hearts.

Rating : 5/5

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