Fight back with joy !

Suicide can never be a solution. If you ever think of ending your life, do question yourself once. Why did your mom carry you inside her for nine months and then went through the excruciating pain to bring you into the world.Suicide doesn't take away the pain, it gives it to someone else. And you... Continue Reading →


Self care journal

Journal therapy is the most useful way to help yourself. It gives you mental peace and emotional healing. It helps you to understand your life issues better.   You know yourself better, it improves mood and it helps you create a healthy relationship with yourself.  More than anything, you find a friend who listens to you... Continue Reading →

Dear you,

  You will find yourself soon. You are out of all toxicity and pain that once existed in your life. You have come a long way leaving all negativity. You continued to let someone hurt you back and again but now that you have struggled, you're progressing.  I know you hear people telling you that... Continue Reading →

Save yourself…

From being an option,a second choice and a taken for granted girl in someone's life to being an independent, strong and free girl. My life has changed. This journey from being an insecure anxious girl to now a bold, confident human has made me believe in miracles.  So, if the man you shared your heart... Continue Reading →

10 Lessons we learn while growing up

1.Past is GONE. You can’t change the past. You grow stronger and that matters, so have no regrets. Lessons are learnt from experience,and you were given this life because you are strong enough to live it.   2. Not all people are meant to stay- Everyone has a role to play. Detachment is the key! Life... Continue Reading →

Be yourself, the world will adjust!

How does being unwanted feel? I felt like those weeds in the flower bed. Those weeds are unwanted, useless and worthless. They are removed because they are not desirable.I felt the same,Like I didn't belong here. Therefore, I decided to be a loner by choice. But I realised neither it's about acceptance nor about rejection. It's... Continue Reading →

“New beginnings are painful endings”

Its time to end all sufferings that have become a permanent resident of my heart. Its time to say goodbye to those butterflies in my stomach that never stop fluttering. Its time to finish everything. I am saying Goodbye to all memories  that aren't worth keeping. I bid a farewell to those unanswered questions that now... Continue Reading →

Love life, Love yourself

Respect yourself and walk away from a person that no longer gives you happiness. You might love them but it’s better to let things go. Some memories stay and you can’t spend all your time in analyzing a situation. You can’t chase someone who is not sure of you. Maybe love doesn’t exist in reality.... Continue Reading →

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