12 November 2017

It was him. He sat there thinking deeply about something. I sat beside him, he didn't say a word. He was lost in his thoughts. I saw him and raising my eyebrows, I asked him, "what's wrong?" and he said,"it's nothing." I saw hidden tears. The ones he was trying to resist. Something was killing... Continue Reading →


The empty classroom

This is it. I find myself here. I look at the door. I see people outside in the lawns. I watch them giggle, laugh, talk They pass time while others are friends forever I am here in this empty classroom which is not so empty. This is me, wanting to be alone and not wanting... Continue Reading →

Taking chances…

Life is a long journey but we still have short of time. We wait for the moment but the moment is already gone. In the blink of an eye, things change. And in the end, we are left with a number of 'what ifs?' What if? For the very last time, I could tell you... Continue Reading →

This world and me!

She used to love the world. And she expected the world to love her back.Little did she know, that the world had no love left.She was broken and nobody cared to notice it. She hated herself for being so sensitive and naive.She was too dead to die. So numb to feel anything.  She tried to... Continue Reading →


How does it feel when God answers all your prayers, when he sends an angel to look after you, It’s miraculous! When all people lose hope in you and that one person still believes that you can do it. When that someone inspires you to become a better person and motivates you to prove the... Continue Reading →

Life goes on…

She could not make him understand.She could not express herself. She struggled to prove herself. But in the end she lost someone who mean't the world to her.She cried. she cried a lot and then recalled his words. She felt helpless.She trusted him blindly, he simply broke it.She had lost herself in process of loving... Continue Reading →

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