12 September 2017

This is me, a girl who has learnt to live life to its fullest. This chapter of my life is called happiness. It took time, it took courage but my heart is no longer broken. I put it back together, piece by piece. I started writing to vent out all feelings, I had inside me.... Continue Reading →


8 September 2017

I have been thinking about something that caught my mind a few months back. People amaze me. I see them smiling even when they are going through the roughest times in their lives. They bear pain that no one knows about. It's strange that people win battles we know nothing about. I feel they are... Continue Reading →

6 September 2017

Dear society, Please tell her to let go, tell her to stop, tell her, she is just another girl seeking attention. You can accuse her of faking her anxiety. Tell her she isn't sad. After all, everything was her fault. Convince her, that it's okay that someone ruined her life because everyone in this generation... Continue Reading →

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