8 September 2017

I have been thinking about something that caught my mind a few months back.

People amaze me. I see them smiling even when they are going through the roughest times in their lives. They bear pain that no one knows about.

It’s strange that people win battles we know nothing about.

I feel they are the strongest. We see them laughing, joking around but we don’t know what actually goes on in their lives. Some hidden grieves in life really take time to heal.

I feel we judge each other very easily. We make permanent opinions without knowing the reality.

Maybe we are wrong. Maybe some people act as if they don’t have a heart and are insensitive but in actuality they are really considerate and good beings.

Life has just shaped them this way.

Sometimes when people are frustrated and annoyed over petty issues, it’s because they are struggling with something the world doesn’t know about.

The fear of humiliation does not let them speak about their problems aloud.

Sometimes we make wrong decisions,we misjudge people. We misunderstand them. We humiliate without even realising.

Maybe waking up and staying in bed all day can be an achievement. That doesn’t make the person lazy. People do the best they can. We never know what someone is going through.

Everyone we meet is struggling. There is always a reason behind every single behaviour we show.

Life is tough for everyone. Kindness is all we need.

Life is never always happy or always sad. It’s to be experienced and accepted the way it comes. Time heals only if we want ourselves to heal. Let’s allow ourselves to progress each day.


Clouds in my coffee


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